Tandem Recumbent Bikes, Trikes, and Crank Forwards

The Power of Two!

Tandems bring two people together on one bike. The benefits are that two people of differing performance can be together on a ride without waiting for one another, can enjoy conversation easy, can break the wind of only one bike resulting in faster cruising speeds. At Angletech we bring you the broadest range of tandem choices. Recumbent tandem bikes from Rans & AZUB, recumbent tandem trikes from Greenspeed, Terratrike and Hase, upright/recumbent blend from Hase, Crank Forward tandems from Rans, and quad "sociable" tandems from Lightfoot.

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Randy Schlitter has designed and Jerrell Nichols now builds what has become the most favored recumbent tandem designs available starting with the Screamer in 1995, and joined by the Seavo in recent years. Truss type frame designs for torsional rigidity, world class seating choices, and excellent handling make these tandems a long term choice.



Bringing ultimate performance to the recumbent tandem in 5 flavors. Dual 26 format helps speed via better aerodynamics, better climbing position, friendlier handling, and the gyroscopic pull of the 26" front wheel.

The B39 cockpit position is more open and relaxed. Alternatively, we also offer the B37 which gives a more outboard angled grip zone for a better turning radius. The stoker seat sits lower and raises the crank position relative to the hips. This engages more of your back provided better power in all situations, and is easier reach the ground.

The efficient frame design, light, carbon pan fold flat seats, and aluminum fork keep the weight in check.

Available with 2 S&S couplers as the TR series, the Seavo can separate into 2 pieces for easier transport.

Transit cases are also available with roll up capability at your destination.

Details of the ANGLETECH SEAVO GRAND TOUR show DaVinci V23 triple chamber rim, Schwalbe Kojak tires, XT SGS rear derailleur, Terracycle Ti -Ceramic idlers, KMC X.9 chain, silicone stoker grips.

The Rans B37 or B39 open cockpit formats. Flip It adjustable steering riser, and a more relaxed vertical hand position. Shown here on our ANGLETECH GRAND TOUR spec with IRD XC 9000 Thumbie shifters for ultimate light touch controls and ergonomics. Shown in custom ANGLETECH tri color fade paint.

The IPS crank system is standard on the ANGLETECH GRAND TOUR spec Seavo's. Either person can pedal or coast as desired. Same cadence when pedaling. Traditional drive DaVinci Direct Drive cranks are also available in a wide variety of arm lengths, and a multi length in one option. Made of ultra dense 2024 aluminum.

Also shown here, standard equipment on all ANGLETECH SPEC Seavo's,  the Terracycle idler system for the ultimate in chain management and quiet drive.

Order the Angletech Seavo Travel Case for easy transport.


From our Rocky Mountain perspective, 203mm disc brakes prevent heat build up on the rims, the hand built wire wheels are lighter, rider smoother, and are quieter than composite wheels, though we are happy to offer Aerospoke wheels.  Hubs and bottom bracket bearings are Phil Wood, the best in the world, and the Cane Creek Classic headset is a lifetime component on the Grand Tour. Sport Tour spec goes to Velocity Tandem wheels and FSA MegaExo cranks at a more modest price.

For self contained touring you can also choose a disc front / rear with auxulary V Brake rear when you want some extra power to keep things reeled in.

The Terracycle idler systems complete the mission for the best bearing systems. Durable and much quieter.

All tandems are assembled, road tested and sized, then shipped to you with a short list of steps to make ready to ride.

700C wheel specs.

For ultimate speed, look into our ANGLETECH SEAVO XHO 700 with disc brakes, Rolf-Prima Tandem wheels, carbon tandem fork, and high performance rubber.  For touring at a faster clip than the 26 version, look at the HO 700 shown here.


S&S Couplers, DaVinci Cranks, BeBop SL pedals



Shown in Sparkle White, this one has the easy on the feet, conveniently counterbalanced PD600A pedals, and the very puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.

Phil Wood hubs, ultra strong and the best bearings. Phil stainless crank spindles and bearings as well. We have been using their systems since 1974, a core part of our tandem spec.


The Newlin's Coast to Coast on the Big O. Buy in our Online Store. Coast To Coast on the Big O


The Drosser's Screamer TR custom in Frost Bronze






A great design that provides those great Rans seats, reasonable size, and a triangulated frameset to keep the wiggles out at at 47 pounds! The Screamer has a level crank position out front, and low position at the rear. Available with 2 S&S couplers to break your Screamer in two as the TR series.

Transit cases are also available with roll up capability at your destination.

Further, our SPORT TOUR and GRAND TOUR bikes have disc brakes front and rear, plus all crank and wheel bearings are Phil Wood on the GRAND TOUR, the best. Independent Pedaling System is standard on the GRAND TOUR as well.

ANGLETECH/RANS SCREAMER GRAND TOUR TR, LIME GREEN Shown with new SlingMesh seats, IPS, T-Cycle Cockpit and Idlers, and custom Pearl White rims, fork, and fenders.

Available in TR versions with 2 or 4 S&S Couplers.

Shown below our Angletech Spec Dynamik Duo Grand Tour featuring DaVinci V23 rims, IPS crank system, Ergon pedals and grips, and 26 x 2 Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires among its top quality gear. Free custom color option, in this case Charcoal.


The Dynamik Duo Crank Forward tandem. Good climbing, comfortable seats, easy reach to the ground while seated, and no wrist/hand loading. True dirt / road touring capabilities. Factory spec, Angletech Grand Touring and Sport Touring.

Many handlebar and stem configurations.


AZUB. From the Czech Republic, a recumbent company focused mainly on expedition recumbent cycles. When Honza from AZUB visited us with 3 cycles, we were impressed with the high quality workmanship, beefy construction, especially in critical areas like the rear swing arm area where AZUB has tried as many as 22 variations in the design process of some models. A universal AZUB quality is their amazingly quiet drive train systems.


The full on recumbent adventure tandem! Tough, full suspension, folding frame design, best climbing body positions, natural handlebar ergonomics.

2 seat materials, Fiberglass and Carbon. 2 seat pads, closed cell foam and the reknown Ventisit ultra breathable pad option.

4 specification packages cover every aspiration

8 standard color choices!

60mm diameter 7000 series aluminum tubing, TIG welded construction. Underseat or above seat steering options, trigger shifters, elevated crank positions provide the best climbing leverage in addition to providing the widest range of rear rider height adjustment. 2 suspension fork options with a well supported dual shock rear suspension, also with optional shock choices.

Minimum folded frame dimensions: 51.2" L x 22" H x 15" W.
(No wheels, no accesories, no seats).

How To Fold AZUB Twin Movie


The stability and fun of a Greenspeed for 2.  The S&S Coupler's on the GTT bring things down to a transportable size in 2 or 5 Coupler (shown at right) versions.

One of our GTT riders, Paul and Kay , have just cleared 25,000 miles on their GTT with many long rides throughout the planet. Custom Adaptive formats available such as handcrank front/foot crank rear (shown below) and foot crank front, hand crank rear.

Greenspeed's are always built to last.


Terratrike for 2.  The Terratrike Tandem has adjustable backrest mesh fabric seating, S&S Couplers (see right) for easier transport.  Available with an IPS crank system option so either rider can coast while the other pedals.




The Rover is bringing tandem triking to the masses! With its higher seat, tighter turning radius, easy adjustability and simple assembly / dis-assembly to allow for easy transport.

The seat is also fitted with a special adjustment clamp allowing for quick adjustments from very short sizes to very large sizes - all with the quick flip of a lever.

Now available with an IPS crank system option so either rider can coast while the other pedals.





Pino Allround

The tandem of unlimited possibilities. With its clever design and high-quality components, it can play the role of transporter, taxi, or touring tandem. Adjustable to fit riders from 4’11” to 6’7” (150 to 200 cm) in height and easy to transport. (Children from 3’3” in height with optional Children’s Crankset) Special Needs capability too!

2 piece break down for easy transport






Pino Tour

Be it joyride or marathon: the PINO TOUR is more than just a tandem. Designed and equipped for the ultimate collaborative touring experience – from double kickstand and XT/Dura Ace derailleur gears to extra-long lowrider rack.



Pino Porter

The PINO PORTER is the first-ever tandem that doubles as a shopping and cargo bike for everyday use.

The underslung rack system has a 40kg capacity and a pannier system that passes completely across the cycle. An aerodynamic front cargo pack adds another 40kg capacity. This top cargo compartment easily comes off and stows revealing a recumbent seat for your favorite riding companion.

Pino Custom

Decide mutually. Customize individually. White Suspension Fork, Rohloff internal gear hub. The extended range offered by an e-motor? Add a Children’s Crankset for smaller co-pilots. And the dynamic duo can look forward to its next adventure …

HARMONY Semi-Recumbent tandem.


The original alternative tandem design, the Harmony, offers a number of benefits.

Stoker moves to the front.
Instead of being in the back, the Harmony design moves the stoker to the front with an unobstructed view and a comfortable mesh seat. The hands free riding position also facilitates map handling, hand signals, picture taking, or snack preparation.

Independent pedal cadence.
The stoker may also choose his or her own pedal cadence, or stop pedaling if desired.

Communication with the pilot is enhanced by having both riders’ heads closer together.

The captain is not left out of the benefit package either:

Improved handling and control.
Handling the Harmony at low speeds is easier and lighter than an upright tandem. High speed handling is also remarkable stable and secure. The red one here has Di2 Electronic Shifting. Amazingly snappy response.

You can ride with any size of adult, or a KidFrontSystem which accommodates riders down to 4 years old. Special needs applications work great here with the Handcrank or Hand/Footcrank stoker option. This means that the Harmony will be used more often, and by more people than a traditional tandem.